RFP: Lagunitas Creek Sediment Assessment

Bridge over Lagunitas Creek Announcing a request for proposals to assess sediment delivery from County-maintained paved roads in the Lagunitas Creek watershed. Proposals due Wednesday, November 25th Learn more

Flood Preparedness Week Fair

The first ever Marin County Flood Preparedness Fair was held in October as part of Flood Preparedness Week.

See our Flood Preparedness page for steps you can take to prepare for floods.

Floating Islands in Civic Center Lagoon

Graphic of floating island

The Gallinas Watershed Council launched two floating islands in the Civic Center Lagoon in October.

Read more about the Floating Islands.

Manzanita Tidal Flooding

Flooding at Highway 101 and Highway 1 at Manzanita.Informational sheet on the flooding at Highway 101 at Highway 1 (Shoreline Highway). View it here.

Holiday Season High Tides

Read the County Press Release on Predicted High Tides during the holidays.

Richardson Bay Shoreline Study

Public Comment Draft

Coyote Creek on a sunny day near the top of the levee from high tide.

The study evaluates flooding impacts along the shoreline under future sea level rise scenarios and discusses a range of potential alternatives to reduce flooding and increase shoreline resilience. Alternatives discussed in general include a range from hard engineering (i.e. levees and floodwalls) and soft engineering (expanded wetlands) as well as zoning and lifestyle adaptation options. Read the study.

Novato on Short List for Grant Awards

Mpa of Novato Watershed

The California Department of Water Resources has just announced that it has recommended awarding $403,331 for local levee evaluation in the Novato baylands and $1.5 million for the construction of a permanent flood control overflow weir to Deer Island Basin.

Winter Forecast

The National Weather Service's precipitation outlook indicates Marin is likely to receive more rain than normal and tides could be significantly higher than predicted.

El Nino and the Drought

Ocean temperatures across the Pacific in June.

The link between El Nino and wet weather in Northern California might not be what you think. Learn more

Track the latest on El Nino at NOAA's Climate Protection Center

Flood Control Zone Winter Preparedness

Flood control zone-specific updates regarding winter preparedness are provided below:


El Nino and the Tide

NOAA reports that El Nino is expected to play a significant role in yielding observed tides which are higher than predicted. Learn more.

See NOAA's Tides & Currents website for the latest information on both predicted and observed tides. Tides have recently been running up to 1 ft. above predicted and are likely to run even higher during storms.

Upcoming dates with tides predicted to be at or above 6.5 ft. include:

November 23rd - 27th; December 21st - 26th; January 20th - 23rd; February 8th

tide graphic