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About the Watershed Program & MCFCWCD
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Marin County Watershed Program

The Marin County Watershed Program provides a framework to integrate flood protection and environmental restoration with public and private partners to protect and enhance Marin’s watersheds.

Marin County Flood Control & Water Conservation District 

The mission of the Marin County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (District) is to reduce the risk of flooding for the protection of life and property while utilizing sustainable practices. The District aims to meet this mission through effective, transparent, and responsive planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of County-owned facilities such as stormwater pump stations, detention basins, bypass drains, creeks, ditches, and levees.

About the District

The District’s geographical boundary is the same as the County’s and, as a whole, it has no source of revenue. Instead, revenue is collected via ad valorem taxes and fees paid by property owners in one of eight zones covering distinct geographical areas within the District. 

All expenditures by the District require authorization by the Board of Supervisors of the District and the five members of the Marin County Board of Supervisors serve on the District’s board. 

Flood Control District Zones

Eight zones have been established within the District to address specific flooding problems in the following watersheds: Zone 1 -  Novato, Zone 3 - Richardson Bay, Zone 4 - Bel Aire, Zone 5 - Stinson Beach, Zone 6 - San Rafael Meadows, Zone 7 -Santa Venetia, Zone 9 - Ross Valley and Zone 10 - Inverness. These zones do not cover the entire county and are, for the most part, concentrated in the county’s eastern urbanized corridor. The vast majority of the county’s land area is not contained within a designated zone.

Marin County Department of Public Works

The Marin County Department of Public Works is a diverse organization under direction of the Board of Supervisors whose Mission is to serve the people of Marin by providing a safe environment and enhanced quality of life through improvements to and maintenance of public infrastructure. The Department also provides timely and efficient service and support to other County departments and local agencies to assist them in achieving their goals.

Raul Rojas, Director

Craig Tackabery, Chief Assistant Director
Ernest Klock, Assistant Director
Eric Steger, Assistant Director 
Michael Frost, Deputy Director

Public Works includes the following:

Disability Access
County Airport
Capital Projects
Certified Unified Programs Agency (CUPA)
Flood Control
Land Use
Printing Services
Radio Shop
Real Estate
Urban Search and Rescue Team U.S.A.R.
Waste Management


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