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Fish passage programs

In 2003, County Public Works received a grant to evaluate and rank County road crossings on salmonid streams for fish passage. In 2005, the results of that study became the foundation for the Countywide Fish Passage and Creek Restoration Program. The goal of the fish passage program at inception was to construct 10-15 high priority projects over ten years. Since then, the program has undertaken 14 fish passage projects countywide; 12 in the San Geronimo Creek watershed, 1 in the Redwood Creek watershed and 1 in the Novato Creek watershed. Of the 14 projects, 11 have been constructed and 3 are designed and seeking funding. The County has also provided support for several fish passage projects in the Towns of San Anselmo, Fairfax and Mill Valley. 

Projects Constructed

1. Silvestre's Creek @ Meadow Way (2004)
2. Willis Evans Canyon Ck. at SGV Dr. (2005)
3. E. Fork Woodacre Ck. #3Woodacre Improvement Club (2005)
4. Woodacre Ck. #2 at Park St. (2006)
5. Spring Ck. at Mountain View Ave. (2006)
6. Kent Canyon Ck. at Muir Woods Rd. (2007) Redwood Creek watershed
7. Woodacre Ck. #1 at SGV Dr. (2007)
8. Woodacre Ck. #3 at Carson Rd. (2008)
9. Vineyard Ck. at McClay Rd. (2009) – Novato Watershed
10. Arroyo Ck. at Castro St. (2010)
11. San Geronimo Ck. at Railroad (2016)

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Project designs completed and seeking construction funding

1. Larsen Creek @ Sir Francis Drake Blvd.
2. Montezuma Creek @ Gualdalupe Rd.
3. San Geronimo Creek @ SGV Dr Bridge / Roy’s Pools

Cost summary

Photo: Mike Love