San Anselmo Flood Protection Projects (Formerly the Memorial Park Dual-Use Detention Basin Project)

Documents, Reports, and More Information


Presentation for the Project CEQA document 'Project Description' made to Flood Control Zone 9 Advisory Board at the December 20, 2016 Advisory Board public meeting held at San Anselmo Town Hall.


Analysis of Project Alternatives for DWR Grant Technical Memorandum - an analysis to identify project alternatives that would be eligible to receive the DWR funds originally intended for the Memorial Park Project.

Memorial Park Detention Basin Project Grant Application - All sections below submitted to CA Department of Water Resources for Prop 1E Stormwater Flood Management Grant - Round 2 submitted February 1, 2013.


Authorization and Eligibility Requirements

Bay Area Irwm Adoption of the Project

Work Plan - Part One

Work Plan - Part Two



Monitoring, Assessment, and Performance Measures

Technical Justification

Benefits and Costs Analysis

Program Preferences

Required Compliance Documents

Copy of Online Entry From with Input Data

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